Monday, September 18, 2006

Yahoo! Mail beta

If you haven't heard of the new Yahoo! Mail, do check out The interface is close to Microsoft Outlook. Some of the features which stands out among the tonnes Yahoo! has put together for this beta:
  • Tabbed mail browsing
  • Right click menu shows the custom menuitem from Yahoo! and not the default browser context menu
  • Split view of message list and the message content. Similar to any desktop mail client
  • Compose window is quite similar to Outlook
  • One can view RSS feeds subscribed in My Yahoo.

Of there are some in Gmail which are quite handy and not yet in Yahoo! mail beta:
  • Attachment is not that seamless like Gmail
  • Messages are organized in conversations which is till not the case in Yahoo mail
There should be many more. However, Yahoo! has done a great job with this beta. Earlier they released the new Mail search which was again quite outstanding.


Ravi said...

This is same as rediffmail.
Rediffmail has changed its look some 1 or 2 months ago. This is on the same line.

Umesh Kakkad said...

Btw, Yahoo made this Beta public few months back. It was not for but other countries (probably Euprope..etc). Its true that all the online email providers are shifting the gears and makeing there webmails quite feature reach. Gmail started all this and rest are following..

rajeshsuvera said...

Hi Umi,
I heard about new yahoo mail. But today i experienced through the link on your blog.
Its amazing same as outlook. Now its very easy and fast you can check your mails. Now every individual can enjoy the experience as same as outlook.

Bhavi Patel said...

I wonder why they (Gmail Beta, Yahoo mail Beta, Windows LiveMail(Hotmail) Beta) are still have "Beta" in their name even after such a long time... Probably that allow them to go away with the bugs.. which otherwise leave the users high and dry..