Friday, September 01, 2006

Web Archive

This is cool. Have you ever wondered what was the home page of Yahoo! 10 years ago? You can do this. I ran into this site which allows you to see how a particular website or a webpage looked way back in past. Pretty cool. This is how yahoo looked on Oct 17, 1996 and on Apr 05, 2001. And this is what Google looked like on Dec 02, 1998. Quite good if you want to see what was the retrospectively what was registration page for Yahoo mail and how it has evolved over the time. Of course there are some broken links here and there when you open the archive version of this sites. But all and all nice, handy utility to give a peek on the state of Internet 10 years ago. Good for those who are writing essays on evolution on Internet or evolution of Google and their home page.

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