Sunday, September 10, 2006

Startup School

Harvard University seems to be organizing "Startup School" annually since 2005. I stumble upon the notes from the 2005 event over here and for 2006 over here . The conference deals with various learnings and experiences around how to go about starting a company of your own. I am yet to go through all of these but bet that it would be interesting read. Its for sure that there are great learning in store for some one who wants to venture in to start something of his own or for those who have just got started with there small shop in software. I have been following quite a number of sites which collate and bring in experiences and war stories from those who are successful entrepreneur. Venture Voice is one of them. Venture voice posts interviews with some of the successful entrepreneur both in software and non-software field. Sometime back they had organized "Venture Voice Startup Workshop" a similar event like Startup School. You can check out the coverage of Venture Voice workshop over here. The pod cast has great set of learnings on what are the factors influencing the success of a startup.

I always have a thought of doing something of my own at some point of my career. But for now, would continue working with the corporates, garner some experiences and then would see.

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