Sunday, September 03, 2006

Whats the better language for my application?

What’s the better language for my application? Whether I should be using PHP, or Java or .Net? Or how about Python, Ruby on Rail (RoR) or our very own C language? Now that’s the question most of the system architect or sometime even the programmer would have come across at some point of time. Joel Spolsky of Joel on Software fame ran the story titled “Lanuguage Wars” on his blog addressing exactly the same. Of course there is no straight formula or a matrix out there, which helps you decide which is the better tool for my application. All this programming worlds have their own pros and cons. They have large ecosystems build around them. There is lot of talent pool available for this skill sets.

According to the article an important thing, which helps you decide is the skill set you have at your disposable. Apart from this the specific needs of the applications like the application should run on Unix and Windows platform or likes. Apart from all this, the one thing, which I would consider, is the application frameworks and reusable components or libraries available out there in the community of these programming worlds. If there are some frameworks or the set of libraries, which would fit in readily in your application, then it’s a big advantage.

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