Friday, January 27, 2006

A good OWB dicussion

Came across this very good discussion on some of the bugs and missing functionalities in Oracle Warehouse Builder. The discussion though started with some of the snags in the OWB but latter on turned out to be a OWB vs Informatica comparision. There were some very good points brought out by the folks out their. I have worked with OWB extensively but have very little exposure to Informatica.
The discussion covered fundamental aspects of OWB and Informatica specifilcally and ETL in general. Worth read. Below is interesting snippet. By the way the whole discussion is worth reading

What was really of interest to me was how well the tool works in harmony with the other pieces of the data warehouse (i.e. relational sources and targets as well as external files). And for me, here is a critical point: the Informatica approach to data cleansing and movement is to act upon individual rows which are pulled from a source (often the database), scrubbed, and then placed into the target.

As the core processes of data movement and cleansing continue to be integrated into the database engine, I believe third-party vendors like Informatica will find themselves more and more on the outside looking in. Tools such as Oracle Warehouse Builder are basically frameworks around the database engine core ETL functionality and enhance user productivity by providing the glue to make all of the technological pieces work together. Is it on par with the slickest tools out there? No, not yet.... but "Paris" looms on the horizon.

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