Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Few Web 2.0 things..

Stumble upon this post, which talks about what how the next generation of User Profile management by Internet services giant like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and others would lead us to. The post talks about this original article which appeared in MSN. Seeing the pace at which thing are moving in the Internet arena, and the Web 2.0 revolution, the Internet experience can get more personalized and become intimate part of out day to day life.

Few more new things which I came to know today was digg.com and www.technorati.com. Digg is a very good Technology news, blogs and RSS aggregator. While technoratti.com is a search for the Blogosphere. Both are great webservices.

www.feedburner.com was another thing, which I stumbled upon few days back. Feedburner helps is great utility for feed management.

Every now and then I get to know about new kinds of Internet services mostly around Collaboration and Social networking. It sometime gets difficult to cope with all this.. But anyways its flow and one has to flow with it. No doubt, this new breed of services are really useful and have taken the Internet experience to the next level.

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