Wednesday, July 19, 2006


SaaS (Software as a Service). Now that’s the definitive word. I came across this story on SaaS today while going through the feeds. Over the period I have been hearing loads of terms: ASP, Software OnDemand and what not. And quite often have indulged into the lunch-time discussions around these topics. Oracle, SAP and other companies have OnDemand model for some time now. This big software companies helps enterprises reduce TCO and there IT cost in maintaining there systems by hosting them in their own server farms and managing, upgrading and patching them.

The next level for this evolving concept of Application Service Provider, Software OnDemand probably is naturally SaaS. During last couple of years I have heard about loats of software being delivered as service. Specially those related to content management and collaboration. Writely, Google Sheets,, Basecamp, and list goes on and on.

The article talks about nuances of SaaS and other related concepts like ASP and OnDemand. The marathon story covers what the big players like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft are doing to address SaaS in there next generations product line. The article covers how fits in SaaS model while those offered by Oracle OnDemand and other vendors are far off from SaaS. The key thing which this article brings on table is the architectural principle of multitenancy, which means a single instance of the software runs on the provider’s servers, and all users log onto that same instance. The article goes on to talk about how SaaS cultivates a Web 2.0-like community. All and all good read and gives loads of insight on the SaaS landscape.


AnJaka said...

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