Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Ruby and RoR

Web application development has always fascinated me. The first nickel I earned after joining Information Technology Engineering was by developing a web application for my friend's uncle. In the initial days of my IT career I worked with startup Rightway Solution designing and developing small and medium sized web application. And man, those were exciting days of my career. That was the time of PHP. And ofcz PHP is a cool technology even now.

So developing Web based applications has excited me always. Few days back I was following some of the articles on trends of Web Development in 2005 and how the Web Development landscape's gonna look like in year 2006. And one of this article mentioned about R0R. Googling on RoR took me to this article from Curt Hibbs. The article gives you a head start on getting along with RoR. The RoR is a cool framework build on top of Ruby. And Ruby itself is a cool language. Damn powerful and as its mentioned in http://poignantguide.net/ruby/ close to what human speaks.

As it says ...It is coderspeak. It is the language of our thoughts.

Read the following aloud to yourself.

5.times { print "Odelay!" }

Thinking of spending some time with RoR in the coming days and may be do some hands-on during the weekend of how to use this technology in developing fairly complex web applications and leveraging the framework for a typical custom build reporting and budgeting application.

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