Sunday, December 18, 2005

M back After long time

Almost six months now. Lot happened during this 6 months. Lot of stuff to do at personal and professional front.

In July, I visited my native place, Kodinar (small town in India). Come August, I am back to Singapore. During this time we were embarking the new project:

This time it involved Hyperion Essbase. A new beast, I never worked before. The scope was to implement Sales and Marketing Analytics platform. Number of KPIs to model: 60+. 5 core dimension anchoring this 60 facts.

Most of KPIs were semi-additive. There were even some KPIs which were not additive on any of the dimension.

The client I have been working since an year now, has a very different set of metrics they want to implement in there on-going effort to create enterprise wide data warehouse.

So work involved both learning and experimenting new things. I would spend sometime in coming weeks to blog some of experiences in this last 6 months.

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