Monday, June 06, 2005

Funky Business

During this weekend I got hold of this book Funky Business and man I can't keep away myself from getting it done. Now I don't want to end up writing one more review of this book, buts just thought of sharing some of the intriguing things I liked about this book. The authors have really brought in lot of wisdom of how business should be run in the 21st century. And all that in different style of writing. Everything is funky about the book, the examples, the style of writing, the wisdom, the content, the authors. Its just cool piece.

There were lot of striking things, lot of striking concepts which just hits your nerves like a sharp tool, lot of striking examples (the one defining niche market was: group of lawyers who are interested in pigeon races). And no doubt the book has tons of facts (GM tried producing car stereo and that didn’t worked out for them, or a dentist slur company which has 50 worlds market share is just run by 85 folks). Now all that is interesting. And above all lot of learning one can draw out from this. The one good thing about this book (or may be bad for someone’s) is that its very concise and says 10 things in 5 sentences. So one has to just keep reading it again and again to appreciate all what it has to offer.

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