Sunday, May 20, 2007

Was following thru some of the post at Paul's blog and came to know of Looks like a cool conecpt to link all your online activities (blogs, forums, bookmarkts, photos) to one-stop page which your friends can follow to know what you upto. To top this you can put quick notes (mini blog entries) directly into the Jaiku (similar to It took me time to digout the link 5 mins ;). You kindda forget the names of cool new webservices you read about and tried a bit but don't use it then on.). I have put up my jaiku page here linked to my blog and Forums, guess I need to use the nifty script from Paul to pull my forum posts on OTN if I do some. I hardly manage to go thru the feeds of OWB and OLAP forum's and post some replies.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Ran in to Laurent Schneider's blog at and found tons of nifty neat tricks. One of this using dbms_xml package neatly to achive things like getting the number of rows in all the tables in a schema. And this which neatly throws out a table in a csv file without needing much due.. Just a sql, xmlsequence (a table function) and reg exp. Quite neat. There were few more good post of what I scanned thru, like this one talking about a modelling technique of abstracting all the common attributes across the entities under one table/view and this which has a neat way to extract the sql with the values for bind variables. Its always great to pick up good handy tricks from the folks around and apply them in the day-to-day work. And there are many which are becoming accessible thru things like blogs, forums and all this web 2.0 phenomenon.